Binders, Lists and Tasks

This article will help you get started with your own Luumin account by understanding where your tasks will live.

Firstly, a little bit of terminology explained:
  • Task: This refers to a ‘to do’. Each task will display as a row on a list
  • List: A list is the main working space on the left of the screen. Each row represents an task on your list and the more to-do items you add, the longer your list will become. There is no limit to how long a list can be.
  • Binders: A binder is way of grouping several lists together. Your binders will display in the middle column. There is a little open/close symbol to the right of the binder which will let you show or hide the lists that live inside a binder.
A few more things you need to know
As you start working with your lists and binders, here are a few tips that will help you along:
  • A single task can appear in more than one list
  • If you change a task on one list that change will be reflected wherever the task appears
  • You can tell which lists an task is on by selecting the item and then looking at the middle column tags are on. If a tag is clipped on to  the list, it means the task is on that list
  • To add or remove an ask from a list you click on the space to the left of the list name. You will see a grey version of the tag when you in the right spot. Click once to add it and again to remove it.