Boulder List

You know those tasks that you really have to complete but for some reason they never seem to get done? They might not be the hardest, or most painful tasks but never-the-less you put them off. We refer to these tasks “boulders” and there is a special list for them.

Using Luumin’s Boulder list you can highlight these tasks and view them all together. By adding something to your Boulder List you are recognizing the type of task it is and it will help you develop a strategy to get it done. Ticking an item off your Boulder List will also give you a great sense of achievement.

Working with the Boulder List is very simple. Select the task and then use the tag to next to the Boulder List in the Luumin Binder at the top of the middle panel. You can also add a task to the Boulder List from the info panel. To view all your Boulders together, just click the Boulder List.

Tips for working with your Boulder List
  • Any item that has been on Luumin for over a week, which is important and really should get done is a candidate for your Boulder List
  • Don’t use the Boulder List to flag an item as ‘high priority’. There are other ways of doing this. Boulder List items should only be tasks that you repeatedly put off doing.
  • Try to develop a practice of working on at least one Boulder item a day. Even if you can’t complete the task, working on it is what is important.
  • Or try to not leave any Boulder items on you list when you leave work each Friday
  • If you have a Mentor, ask them to support you in getting Boulder List items completed. These are tasks that require an extra push to get completed, and your Mentor is the perfect person to help you with that.
  • You can’t add a task directly to your Boulder List. You can only flag tasks that are on your main lists as a Boulder List item. This reinforces the important understanding that your Boulder list is there to provide a view of those hard to do tasks. It is not a category in its own right.