Stepping Stones List

There are plenty of urgent and important things you need to get done day-to-day, and then there are those things that once you do them will actually have a major effect on your life. 

This could be enrolling in a course, joining a gym, contacting that senior manager you met in the airport lounge, setting up a savings investment fund etc.

Very often these are the things that we let fall to the way-side as we rush about with our busy days. But these tasks are the building blocks for your future.

You can put tasks on this list by 
selecting the task and tagging it onto the Stepping Stones list in the Luumin Binder, or you can tag it from the info panel. By being able to view these all together you are able to keep focused and moving in the direction of your longer term goals.

Quick tips for working with you Stepping Stones: 
  • Take sometime to think about what your goals are, in the the mid to long term. Where would you like to be in 1 year, 3 years or 5 years? 
  • Now what would do you need to start moving towards these goals? What could you do this week, or this month to move closer to them. These are the tasks to go on your Stepping Stones list. 
  • The Stepping Stones list won't let you add tasks directly to it, it is a special way of viewing tasks from all areas of your life
  • Make a regular time to review your Stepping Stones list and how you are progressing
  • Find a trusted friend, family member or colleague that may have an area of expertise that aligns with one of your goals and ask them to mentor you. Having the support and guidance of someone in these most important areas of your to-dos will help you keep focused and keep making progress.

Check out 'Making Change' for more about effectively using your Stepping Stones