Starting/Managing your Day

It can be very difficult for many of us, when we start off our days, not to launch into the first, most pressing task.

The danger here though is that once you start then something else urgent comes up, and then another thing and you find yourself moving from task to task for the rest of the day with no real plan in place. You can end up missing things that were important, but didn't rise to the surface. Or just feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.

Taking 10 minutes at the start of the day to assess and plan what you have to do is one of the most powerful ways for you to be more productive and feel in control. 

Try this routine at the start of every day for one week:
  • First open up your 'Daylist' in Luumin and check everything that has moved over from yesterday 
  • Then check your emails, answer phone, calendar etc. and add any new tasks that will need to be completed today 
  • Then quickly skim over your Everything list (or your Future Building List, your Boulder List or any particular Binder lists that are important) and tag any additional items onto your Daylist
  • Finally order your Daylist. I like to add Time and Importance to all the tasks and then sort them like that. But you may want to work by deadline, or simply drag and drop things manually into order
Now that your Daylist is complete you can start off on the first task. 

Over the course of the day new things will come in and your can add and edit this list easily as they do. But by taking this 10 minutes you will have a really solid foundation to work with.