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by Harry on 12 January 2011, filed under Down the Road

We are based in an extremely vibrant party of town called Karangahape Road.  Running along a ridge above downtown Auckland, ‘K’ Road’ has a very colourful history. It used to be famous only for the sex shops and nightclubs, but it has now become a hub for some of the most creative minds in Auckland.

Jessica and I went for a short walk at lunchtime and snapped a few photos on my iPhone. For those who’ve never been here, it will give you a small glimpse into the area where we work.

Karangahape Road - Shopfront


Karangahape Road - St Kevins Arcade

St Kevin's Arcade

Karangahape Road - High Fashion

Auckland fashion is known for overdoing the black

Alleluya Bar and Cafe

Alleluya Cafe - famous for our Tuesday morning brainstorming sessions

Meyers Park

Myers Park - great lunchtime hangout spot

Graffiti Art

Graffiti Art

Around the corner

Abandoned building or Utopia? We aren't really sure

Hopetoun Alpha

I've seen some fantastic concerts here

Fresh veges

Fresh veges and groceries at the back of the K' Road Foodcourt (time travel booth available too)

Get me out of here

"One day I'll make it out of here!"

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