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by James on 13 January 2011, filed under Wired in

When I got involved with Luumin, the project was still very much green fields in terms of technology. I joined at the perfect time, with the perfect amount of over enthusiasm, directing my energy at the potential of Javascript and what can be accomplished with modern paradigms and libraries.  It also coincided with a great time to research the current state of building large Javascript applications.

We settled on YUI 3 by Yahoo! It doesn’t just provide DOM manipulation or AJAX facilities but a full library covering many of the requirements that any large web app must have, enabling you to design properly from day one with a single core library.  While other libraries are gaining popularity and allowing a wider audience to simply enhance user experiences, YUI3 is providing an alternative for developers that want to build the next generation of web applications.  Its design draws on their experience from YUI 2 and the successes of other popular Javascript libraries which gives its architecture a solid foundation while keeping pace with the requirements of modern web developers.

There is a learning curve involved with adopting YUI 3.  Implementations are often not simply a $.method() away and you need to know that Javascript is a lot more than just another C syntax inspired language. But Yahoo provide great resources with their Theater,  forums and IRC channels.  After coming up to speed and a few prototypes later I was confident that it was the right choice and provided us the with the set of tools we needed to build and grow our app, without the risk we of having to throw away version one and start again.

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