Do more, be better

A short history

by Harry on 19 January 2011, filed under Working It Out

Since we formalized the Luumin project in May last year, I’ve had a nagging sense that we are creating something really significant. Significant in terms of how many people we could potentially help. That might sound arrogant, given we haven’t even finished a full working copy, but I really do believe it.

The ideas behind the application have been taking shape over a number of years, which is one reason why it feels so solid. We aren’t reacting to changes in technology or to a new opportunity that has suddenly emerged. This project is founded in concepts that live outside the Internet and communications revolution. They do, however, translate perfectly into that space.

For me it has always been about the dichotomy that defines human achievement. Action and awareness. What we do and who we are (on the inside) determine what will happen in our lives. Sure, there are some things we can’t control, but most things we can.

The name of this blog, ‘Do More, Be Better’, reflects this same idea: the doing and the being. These two aspects of living can’t be separated, but there are times when we need to focus on one or the other. Achieving a state of perfect awareness and balance isn’t enough if it’s not put to good use. Equally, workaholics who are out there ‘making it happen’ will do nothing for themselves (or the world) if their head is in the wrong place.

If this is all sounding a bit nebulous, let me assure you we are keeping it real. The app we are building is a down to earth tool that helps people sort themselves out. We believe you’ll be able to put it head to head with any personal or business productivity tool and it won’t be outshone. It recognizes that we human beings aren’t machines and we struggle every day with motivation and meaning. The Luumin application is only a tool, in the same way that pen and paper are just that – but life is getting complex and the noise is getting louder and sometimes pen and paper isn’t enough.

While all of this is really exciting, we are being realistic. Over the next 5 months we must achieve ‘proof of concept’ in the real world. And if we don’t get rapturous feedback the first time around, we will keep working and keep iterating until we do.

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