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I once wrote a code editor

by James on 25 January 2011, filed under Wired in

I once wrote a code editor in JavaScript with full syntax highlighting and rudimentary version control. Why? To scratch an itch and because the ERP software my company at the time used ran on server side JavaScript and had an absolutely atrocious file upload facility. I remember the day when it worked and I realised that I could actually develop my app from within itself – this was an unbelievably satisfying feeling. It broke sometimes (which is what lead to the version control feature) but I had created my own tool because I knew it could be done better.

We’ve been using Luumin in-house ourselves for a little while now.  And although the core concepts have been there, enough was missing to make it hard to use or not useful enough.  The team has been patient and productive and we’ve kept building. This week with all our content loaded I added a couple of features and smoothed out a few of the pain points and while testing it all on live data – unexpectedly, I had that same feeling I had when I realised my code editor worked and I could build it from within itself.

It works.  And we’re using it to help ourselves build it.

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