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Paper cups

by Jessica on 2 February 2011, filed under Down the Road

A lot of our planning happens in a small high-ceilinged meeting room. If it wasn’t for the one glass wall, it would be like working inside a lift shaft.  If I start to feel claustrophobic I opt for one of life’s little pleasures: a walk down to Revel Café to get coffee.

Reveling in it...

Exiting onto the street involves going past Starbucks, which lives slightly self-consciously on the corner of our building. When we work on Sundays to get back into the foyer we have to scuttle in through their front door and out the back, clutching our un-branded coffee cups defensively to our chests.

K’ Road has many well known residents. There is the tall lanky Margret, who asks with religious consistency for either a smoke or a light, though I can’t ever help her with either. There’s the “got any spare change” guy stationed outside the food court and a host of other familiar street people who all have their unique place in this local community.

The walk to Revel is only around 100 metres but there’s rarely a trip when I don’t see or hear something that makes me smile or wonder if I am on a reality TV show. One day it was a guy riding a bike wearing a snorkel and flippers, totally nonchalant, or the women padding the pavement in a pink fluffy dressing gown, 1950’s rollers and a very serious face. Other times I just catch little conversation sound-bites, which published out of context could sell a million t-shirts.

John - feeling camera shy

Revel has a narrow entrance splashed with bright, graphic tables that jostle for space on the pavement. There is a non-stop stream of regulars flowing in and out, dressed in business suits or bohemian shawls, all greeted by name, with an ‘in joke’ or an order all ready to go.

The baristas Bene, Tom, John, Bee, Ratana, Raina, Joel and Jeff are all part comedian, part philosopher and part therapist. Not to mention artists – evidenced by the elaborate masterpieces that we often get on our cups!

An accurate depiction of Harry with his iphone and me, age 5

By the time I make it back to the office, I’ve definitely got a clear head, not to mention a caffeine fix and a bit of creative inspiration.

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