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by John on 24 June 2011, filed under Down the Road, Wired in

Last night James and I attended the Auckland Web Meetup, a large gathering of web professionals ranging from designers to developers. The session covered just about every aspect of web related technology you could imagine.  These meetups are becoming increasingly popular Рlast night alone there were 180 people in attendance with a short list of people wanting to get in that was just as long.

I was fortunate to be able to speak to this group of talented people and tell them a little about what we are doing with the Luumin project, how we are implementing it and why. Unfortunately 15 minutes is not really enough time to cover everything but it was a good introduction.

For those interested in the technical side of the presentation, here are a few links to the various apps and toolkits we mentioned (some of these have also been mentioned in earlier posts).

  • Xhprof – A lightweight profiler extension for PHP developed by Facebook.
  • Xdebug – Debugger and Profiler PHP extension.
  • Eclipse/pdt – A multi language IDE and debugger.
  • Apache Cassandra – Cassandra is a NoSQL/Dynamo implementation.
  • Charles Proxy – A proxy application that allows for inspection of HTTP requests.
  • YUI – A javascript application framework developed by Yahoo!


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