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A trip to the lake

by Jessica on 3 August 2011, filed under Down the Road

Sometimes a walk around the block isn’t sufficient and we feel the need to go a long way down the road – as in 3 or 4 hours drive away!

This weekend we did just that and ended up here, at the beautiful Lake Tarawera in the Central North Island:

Hunkered down in a traditional kiwi bach, we spent the weekend 100% focused on Luumin and getting ready for a major release to our new Beta Users.

With no servers or Internet coverage here we had to create our own technology microcosm and John and James set up a Wifi network that allowed work to continue. With these inspiring surroundings, and being completely hidden away from the rest of the world, we were able to clear our heads and make some really good progress.

Harry looking smug in his red mohair blanket (it was very cold down there!)

James took a break from working on the app to teach me Programming 101 - it was a little bit mind blowing!

Head Chef James cooked up a veggie lasagne feast!

Chilling down at the end of the day with a Mt Difficulty Pinot Noir courtesy of John. Don't mind if I do!

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