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Talking to my phone

by John on 13 January 2012, filed under Wired in

When the iPhone 4s was first released I was rather indifferent to what it offered over my trusty old iPhone 4, however, once they started to ship and people started talking about Siri it got me thinking how we could leverage this technology. One way that I identified was to  leverage the built in reminders application that was included as part of iOS 5.0. to allow people to quickly see and edit their information.

The reminders application supports a number of built in protocols for synchronising calendars. One of these protocols  is CalDAV which is an extension to the WebDAV which is a filesystem that sits on top of traditional HTTP. CalDAV is an open standard and so is well documented and there are many implementations. CalDAV calendaring can be used by, not just the iOS reminders app, but other calendaring tools that support CalDAV.

We found a WebDAV for PHP called SabreDAV and it includes CalDAV support. Using SabreDAV and leveraging our existing Luumin API we have been able to quickly add CalDAV support. The fact that we had decided early in our development process to build the API first has greatly simplified this process. By setting the reminder app to use a list from Luumin’s new CalDAV interface Siri will add new reminders directly to my Lummin account. This is particularly handy by setting them to be added to your day list or another important list.

Siri, remind me to mow the lawns when I get home…

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