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LWB – We told you it’s a platform!

by Jessica on 15 February 2012, filed under Wired in

Today we are taking off for Webstock again. As you saw in our previous blog article, this time we’ve made it into theĀ BNZ Startup Alley. The last few weeks we’ve been firing on all cylinders to get ready and we thought we’d have a bit of fun by creating something to showcase the platform nature of Luumin to everybody who comes to see us at our stand (upstairs on Thursday, come check us out).

At the heart of Luumin is a system for storing lists, especially lists of things to do. So we thought why not set up a list of task ideas for anyone who is kicking around Wellington and attending the conference. And we created a little web app that publishes the list for everyone to see.

We realised it wouldn’t be fun unless other people could participate too, so John got mashing and built us the Luumin Webstock Blender. It displays our Webstock list and anyone can contribute their comments via Twitter (the platform of choice for Webstock communication!). People can also add suggestions of new ‘to dos’ they’d like to throw into the mix too.

We’ve put hashtags against each task so that tweets containing the hashtag will drop the comments into the right place. I’d like to invite everyone to get involved and share their thoughts on how best to keep busy over the next few days!

You can check the blender out here: and send hashtagged tweets to contribute your own comments too. Safe travels everyone, see you soon :)

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