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One stepping stone at a time

by Jessica on 8 October 2013, filed under Working It Out

There is a lot of rhetoric about goals and how to set goals. Are yours big enough? Are they too big? Are they SMART goals (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-specific … on a side note can anyone let me know the difference between achievable and realistic in this context?)  and so on.

Goal talk can be fun. When setting your  goals you get to just imagine the outcome; lying on the beach in Mexico, everyone cheering when you win the award, unlocking the door to your new home. But how often to do you set  goal and then months (or years!) later realise you’ve been talking about it for a long time but are no closer to reaching it!

Most people spend much less time on all the incremental things that will move them from here to there. Let’s be fair, all the day-to-day tasks are much less fun. But without them you’ll never make it to the outcomes you’re dreaming of. Even if you do go to the trouble to plan out the step-by-step to reach your goals, they are often the things that drop to the bottom of your list in all the business of life.

I use Luumin to deal with this in a particular way that you might like to try:

  1. Every quarter I set my goals, 5 or 10 things that I want to achieve in the next 3 months. 3 months is a good amount of time, to change habits and see traction.
  2. I put them down on a ‘Goals’ list.
  3. Then every week (on Monday mornings with a cup of coffee normally) I look at my goals and work out what I can do in the next 7 days to move towards them. Normally I’ll only have a maximum of 7 tasks. Few enough that I can prioritise them in amongst all the other urgent things I have going on.
  4. I add these smaller tasks to my lists and then mark them as Stepping Stones in Luumin. This highlights these tasks for me and makes it easy to keep them in the top of my mind.
  5. Next Monday I check off what I’ve achieved and set new Stepping Stones for the week to come.
It’s a very simple but keeps momentum and motivation as you see yourself steadily moving towards your big goals!

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