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What is measured is what improves

by Jessica on 5 November 2013, filed under Working It Out

The newest tool in my productivity arsenal is a slick little observer called Rescuetime. Rescuetime un-obtrusively monitors your web browsing and computer activity then categorises it into varying levels of productivity e.g. Microsoft Word = Very Productive, Twitter = Very distracting. It’s easy to jump in and re-categorise time, or change whole categories – e.g. for me I made all news and education sites productive, instead of distracting as I actually want to encourage more reading.

With the pro-features you can also enable Focus, to block distracting sites for a set period of time (similar to the decaying Concentrate) and log time spent away from your computer.

The best thing I’ve found, after using this system for about a week is the insight the dashboard of my productivity gives me. I consistently am most focussed and productive between 9 – 12. After lunch I am a bit distracted, at 3pm I’m VERY distracted and then I come right again at about 4:30pm. I am now able to experiment with my day (what happens if I have lunch later?) and also plan my work around my natural rhythms and habits. Making good of that old adage, you can’t fix what you can’t see.


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