• What exactly is Luumin?

    Luumin is a task management platform for independent workers who collaborate with others. It is for people who work in flexible and often non-hierarchical teams.

    The app uses a flexible scaffolding to support communication and teamwork. It deals with the very human struggles we have with motivation, procrastination and makes a real difference to people getting things done.

  • Can I sign-up now?

    ‘Luumin Solo’ for individuals is available now, but the full team functionality is still in private beta. We will be making the full version of the app available very soon.

    Sign-up to get an account!

  • Is Luumin any different from the hundreds of online to-do lists already out there?

    Yep, it sure is. We have been obsessive about crafting a feature set that directly addresses how people think and the way they like to work. We have designed all of the core features with maximum ease of use in mind and there’s lots of innovative stuff in there too. We’ve tried dozens of different apps, and as users of Luumin ourselves, we can confidently say that the experience you get will be quite unique.

  • Who is behind the Luumin project?

    We are a small team of impossibly passionate and creative thinkers from a range of backgrounds. We’ve also received support and inspiration from a fabulous peer network who are scattered all over the world.

  • I want to get involved, what do I do?

    Whether you are a developer, entrepreneur, investor or productivity evangelist (or something altogether different), we’d love to hear from you. Just fill in the contact form and leave us little message. We read them all, I promise!